F19 Pro Review – Camera With Unique Features and Excellent Performance


The Oppo F19 Pro has been introduced in China and Japan some time ago but it is only now that it has reached global popularity. The camera comes in two variants namely, the regular body of the camera and the zoomable body. The camera has got an all-metal body with two lenses attached to it. One lens is fixed and can be focused on one subject while the other lens is able to capture images even if they are from varied distances. The camera has a single touch screen which can be used to manipulate images. F19 Pro

As far as the cameras are concern, the Oppo F19 Pro in the back packs a 48-mp high definition camera with a single optical zoom lens, an eight-inch screen, a dual digicam, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. The flash charge system incorporated into the camera has assisted photographers to reduce time while focusing on a subject by reducing the amount of time taken to charge the battery. The camera also offers a user-friendly interface and has been loaded with several recording modes like MiniDV, Storyteller, Mp3, WMM, Custom, Quicktime, AVCHD, etc. The camera also features an intuitive interface, high-quality video recording quality, multiple picture saving options, and image enhancement facilities like face detection. There are also various shooting modes like Portrait mode, Landscape mode, Auto mode, Creative photo, Night time mode, Auto night time mode, and Beauty mode.

With the help of this in-built picture-taking modes, you can record a number of portrait videos with beautiful background and stunning details. The entire shooting procedure is completed within a few seconds time as against the few minutes that is required by the ordinary point-and-shoot cameras. With a number of advanced features including a digital preview option, an advanced timer, and easy functionality, the F19 Pro is a perfect addition to your professional kit. If you want to get a perfect picture, you need to equip yourself with the right camera. This is the case with the F19 Pro, which is a perfect tool for professional photographers to enhance their portfolio. In fact, the F19 Pro is one of the models that is recommended for all photographers that have a passion for photography.

The body of the F 19 Pro is made up of metal. It looks sleek and metallic, owing to the black body that adds to the sleekness of the gadget. All the basic controls of the camera are present in the F 19 Pro and they are touch sensitive. Apart from the standard control keys, there are a couple of fun loving extras present on this model. You can use the touch screen to pan, zoom, delete and focus on your subject.

An impressive camera body and a sleek design with a powerful yet user friendly interface, the F 19 Pro has got it all. One of the best things about the F 19 Pro is that it has got a built in flash, which is one of its specialties. The camera has an in-display fingerprint scanner, which allows you to register multiple fingerprints of different users at the same time. This means that you can synchronize your personal data with all the people who are on your photo sharing list.

The Oppo F17 Pro review gives the best information about the F 19 Pro’s portability. This is because it is an electronic gadget that can be carried around without much difficulty. The battery life of the camera is also impressive, as it lasts for over 10 hours. The camera also offers fast data transfer rates and a Secure Digital mode that helps to make the most of your shooting moments.

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