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When my much respected business partner, Dominique, claimed that she could see, feel and even interact with Angels, my reaction was to well, laugh! Yes, we were both therapists, at one with our intuition and open to all forms of alternative ideas and concepts, but I operate on a more tangible basis, and I commented that I only see a few feathers flying here and there in the house when I am making the bed.

So, when discussing new workshop ideas, Dominique suggested ‘Why not Angels’?, “But don’t they only come out at Christmas?” was my reply. She explained that they were quite real and would come to assist you in times of crisis.

Her seriousness convinced me to study the subject at some length, reading all I could, attending workshops and talking to my partner about it.

Even though I read extensively and meditated deeply, I was still finding it difficult to open my heart enough to accept their love and not secure enough to be able to accept them.

My rebellious fifteen year old has always thought our work totally weird, despite me successfully helping her with our therapy, through some of the worst teenage angst imaginable, now thought I had totally lost it with my new pursuit of my own personal archangel.

Whilst assisting Dominique in writing the scripts for her workshop, I tried to ignore her openly asking Archangel Michael for assistance. After all, I was a long time Visualisation teacher, so why couldn’t I visualise him as well?

At lunchtime, Dominique suggested a practice session for angelic meditation.

We started to meditate and practice some of our visualisation exercises, when suddenly the feelings came. Shivers going up and down my back, feelings of deep and profound love, warmth and security. It was surely a sign that something was beginning to happen to me.

This new and exciting state of mind, made me eager to finish the work in hand and as we wrote and practised, I grew more and more aware of these wonderful feelings.

In everyday life, things came to me. For instance, one day when I was at the counter of the supermarket, I got the strong feeling that I should buy four lottery scratch cards, not something that I normally do. Upon scratching, I found that they were all winners, not big, only small mounts but even so very welcome. I thought, ‘this could be the start of a beautiful relationship’! but then Angels are much, much more than this.

Gradually, I became more attuned, so much so, that when ever I felt unhappy, I would visualise the most handsome angel wrapping his wings around me and comforting me with his heavenly love and wisdom. I found this so reassuring that I could even feel his warm breath on my face. 1133 angel number

These feelings, backed up with some strange occurrences, kept happening to me, mainly in small ways, until one night, when a friend had taken me out in the country, to a delightful village inn, for an incredible meal. It was late when we were returning home and as we were driving down this dark lane, we took a bend and hit some spilt diesel, skidded off the road and into a deep ditch. Despite the smashed windscreen, we were both unhurt but quite shaken. We struggled to get out of the badly damaged vehicle and stood in the road not knowing quite what to do. Suddenly, a car appeared out of nowhere and a young lady stopped and very kindly offered us a lift home. I asked her to write down her telephone number so that I could thank her again in the morning, which she did.

The following morning, I was going to pick up my friend, to take him back to his vehicle so that he could get it recovered. Whilst I was driving over to his house, a large German Shepherd ran out of the field to the left of me and into the road. There was nothing I could do to avoid him and we collided. He really was the size of a small deer and even though he had put quite a large dent into my car, was able to run off. I sat there stunned and shocked, his owner came up and apologised and asked if I was alright. I said I was and asked about his dog. He said he looked OK but he would have to go to find him.

Within 12 hours I had had 2 accidents, both of which could have resulted in very serious injuries, yet I had escaped unharmed.

When I returned home, I tried to ring the lady who had so kindly helped us but the number that she given me came up unobtainable!!

I was overwhelmed, with a very strange feeling, I didn’t know why but I was close to tears and choked with emotion. I realised that my angel had been there for me. As for the dog, well miraculously he was unhurt, surely there must be a dog guardian angel too!


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